Our story

11+ years of experience
100ths of satisfied customers
45.000+ completed transports

3group was established in 2008 by a group of friends and colleagues working transport, forwarding, and logistics.

They decided to make use of their experience and start a business in the field of intrastate and international shipping and transport. Each of our members has put a large part of themselves into the company 3group. Each one of them sees the company as their own.

Over the years of its existence, the company has undergone constant transformation. Now, the company has entered the phase where the main priority is to build a healthy environment for all of our partners who interact with the company.

  • We offer our clients a reliable and responsible partnership as well as maximum effort on our part to find effective and optimal solutions for any transport demands.
  • We offer the transporters either stable or infrequent utilisation of their transport capacity with timely reimbursement of their claims.
  • We offer our employees an open and motivating environment.

Last but not least, we try to improve the environment for all by using effective transport capacities so that the truck transport on our roads is optimally utilised and not used more than necessary.